C5 Leaders

Crossroads C5 Leaders is a five-year summer and school-year program that helps teen leaders develop their leadership style and expand their academic, career, and civic horizons. With the stable and encouraging environment of C5 Leaders, teens grow both socially, emotionally, and become part of an uplifting community. This community often becomes a second home and dependable resource for our teens; a place where the struggles of their lives melt away allowing them to simply be themselves.

Teens accepted into C5 Leaders make a five-year commitment to participate in year-round workshops, trips, and summers at Camp Lapham where they develop their leadership skills, foster relationships, and continue to plan for the future. Teens must be nominated by Crossroads, a program partner, or middle school staff to apply and then complete an application and interview process. This gives them the opportunity to demonstrate maturity, motivation, and commitment. If accepted, they spend a minimum of three weeks of their first two summers at Camp Lapham.

During their five-year program they plan for their future after high school, participate in wilderness treks in environments that challenge their comfort, visit colleges all over New England, and give back through regular community service work, and the ACT Now Summit and Service Trip. C5 Leaders complete 250+ hours of community service during the life of the program, and graduate with a clear postsecondary plan and the community to support their future aspirations. We continue holding our C5 Leaders to a higher standard throughout the program, both during the summer and school year.

Our leaders of tomorrow not only need to have long-term goals and postsecondary plans, but they also need strong foundations, healthy relationships, and a sense of civic responsibility to be successful. The five-year commitment teaches teens to set long-term goals, stay committed, persevere, and continue to prepare for their future.

While by 2020 two-thirds of all jobs will require some kind of post secondary education or training, only 10 percent of college degrees are awarded to students from households earning less than $35,000/year. C5 Leaders are presented opportunities to take ownership of their futures, and it’s critical that we inspire and enable our youth to continue education after high school.