Crossroads empowers young people to realize their potential
and positively impact the world.

Serving over 1,500 young people from Boston to Brockton to the South Shore, Crossroads inspires young people to BE MORE by providing joyful spaces for new experiences, self discovery, and fun.

Whether participating in overnight summer camps or school year leadership programs, our children and teens learn valuable, real-world skills through exposure to new ideas, engaging in outdoor educational experiences, and building relationships with positive peers and mentors.

Crossroads’ youth develop agency and resilience as they learn to swim in our lakes and pools or navigate mountain ranges using a compass. They become independent thinkers and skilled collaborators as they tackle high ropes course challenges, plan and perform a dance exhibition, or learn to build a fire and shelter from materials available in nature. Best of all, they discover the limitless capacity of their potential as they explore new places and spaces that are too often off-limits to “city kids.”

Our Crossroads youth speak for themselves!