Dear Crossroads Community.

As spring dawns with renewed hope for health and unity, I am delighted to share our 2020 Annual Report. The story it tells is how Crossroads innovated and adapted to advance its mission at a time of unprecedented challenge, when young people needed us most. I am incredibly proud of our creative and resilient team, who delivered on the promise we made to families last spring: Crossroads will not be cancelled.

I hope that you see yourself in this story as well. Your steadfast commitment, despite all of the uncertainty and turmoil, was a source of overwhelming affirmation and encouragement to think differently about how we can best serve young people struggling with the loss of school and social structures.

Our extraordinary Crossroads community has empowered us to step forward when so many others have had to step back; because of you, our young people have been able to experience joy, growth, and connection at a time when these things are in short supply. Thank you for believing in our children and teens—and for standing with us as we look with optimism to better days ahead.

2020 Crossroads Annual Report

Sincerely, Simon Hess