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Alumni Message Board
Name: Roger Breslow
Email: breslock@roadrunner.com
Date: 12/13/2014
Message: I just want to say hello to any who might remember me. I worked at Camp Wing 1960-66 while in college and med school, was director of the Senior Section last 3 years. I certainly have great memories of my time there. I found I liked Upstate NY and have remained here, other than 2 years in the service at peak of Viet Nam, and have been in practice about 50 miles of Syracuse past 41 years.
Name: Duncan Bowers
Email: bowers@pobox.com
Date: 10/19/2014
Message: Great memories from working at Camp Wing in 1988. Fantastic place, glad to see its still going strong!
Name: Stan Di Orio
Email: dioriostan2@gmail.com
Date: 7/29/2014
Message: How, this is an ole Camp Winger,,,camper, worker, counselor. Was just playing around and found this site. Best summers of my life, always visit when I ‘m back there. Anyone know or how to contact…Jessie Johnson, Phil Pettrella, Guy Peroni, Joe Passeritti. When I hit the big lottery it will be payback time. I’m in Sacramento California… would love to hear from folks..Roughly 1953-61.
Name: Robert Dijkhuis
Email: robert@exillint.nl
Date: 1/13/2014
Message: Regularly in my dreams camp Wing is coming back, worked as a counselor in 1988. Great memories!
Name: james albee
Email: jimalbee12@yahoo.com
Date: 11/11/2013

Message: I so loved camp wing. I went there in 83-84.so many memories,ziskin hall,BIG MIKE LOL so many others. oh yes Raymond Duffy I finally beat him in tether ball!!! I remember we had to lip sync a music group and have a contest who was the best, we did Led Zepp’s Black Dog and we won!!!! I remember we dressed in Togas and at 11:00 we ran thru the field lol. anyone from that time hit me up!!!!
Name: Mary Keniston
Email: wkeniston@comcast.net
Date: 11/4/2013
Message: Bill and I worked two summers at Duxbury Stockade after we were married. I remember John Yee, a counselor, wonder where he is and up to. I also remember a little girl, she was 5-6 years old who had been badly burned all over. When she came to camp her cabin counselors had to wrap her whole body daily and continue this procedure as it was done at home. Toby was one of the counselors and this little girl loved her. I remember these counselors never complained, they gladly helped this little girl, just to give her a great, fun experience at camp. And that is what camp was all about.
I remember Steve Govia singing “Eggs and Ham” and we all shouted it very loudly, I think that was the name of the son. Got us all fired up. We also had a competition with Bill Dunn’s group, it was a song fest which became quite competitive. We sand Land of the Silver Birch and the Duxbury Stockade song. We won! Bill Dunn was most gracious about it.
Good memories, and I am a Girl Scout camp person, had to give in to Wing/Stockade.
Name: Steve Jonns
Email: sjohnsdrum@gmail.com
Date: 10/25/2013
Message: I had a great time at Camp Wing 1969-1971.
My brother was a camp counselor.
I want to go back there to that time!
Name: Louanne LONGO Gonsalves
Email: gonzolily@gmail.com
Date: 10/7/2013
Message: Worked at Camp Lapham in 1971 and looking for a fellow counselors. Muffy Trafton of Princton, Mass would be one. Worked under a man named Fred Reinnager. Wondering where to find a list of all the staff from back then or photos of the camp and couselors from that summer season.
Name: Seamus Cadden
Email: Seamus.cadden@btinternet.com
Date: 7/15/2013
Message: Hi Joe,
Congratulations from your old friend in Ireland!
Hope you are keeping well & keep up the good work!
Name: Ted DeMariano
Email: Vulcandrifter99@aol.com
Date: 7/6/2013
Message: I stayed there back when I was a kid, !957? 1958? 1959? (9, 10, or 11 years old) I am not sure. Would you have records that would go back that far? If so I really would like to know. This was a big part of my life that I cherished through the years. It had a positive impact on my life.
Thank You
Ted DeMariano
Name: Michael Cosato
Email Address: mcosato@gmail.com
Date: 5/2/2013
Message: I had a dream about the camp last night … As I woke up I felt great.. All the awesome summers, trying to get the snaper turtle out of the pond … I was in the LIT program, spent time at all the camps ……. But Wing is my Home … I miss that place so much . It will forever hold a place in my heart.
If u were in the L.I.T program hit me up!m about the camp last night … As I woke up I felt great.. All the awesome summers, trying to get the snaper turtle out of the pond … I was in the LIT program, spent time at all the camps ……. But Wing is my Home … I miss that place so much . It will forever hold a place in my heart.

If u were in the L.I.T program hit me up!

Name: David Burns
Email Address: David.burns@latimes.com

Date: 12/22/2012

Message: Kion-Where ya at?


Name: Chris Williams
Email Address: crw197@gmail.com
Date: 07/24/2012
Here’s the 1971 picture, but I don’t seem to be there. Perhaps I was on a day off somewhere in the area – ?Pancake King, Dunkin’ Donut or Lou’s on 139…

Name: Chris Williams
Email Address: crw197@gmail.com
Date: 07/23/2012
Message: I was one of a group of non-American counsellors who worked at Camp Wing in 1970. It was a hugely important period in my life and inspired me to become a teacher. I returned to the camp in 1971 and 1972, and had hoped to be the first European to get the five year award, but that didn’t work out because I started working and got married.

I have so many memories of those summers – the flag ceremony, swimming instruction and Henry Cryer’s tight poolside discipline, American Army surplus apple choice, pints of ice-cream, gimp, walks around the Pond at night, stories around the camp-fire, snapping turtlesLou’s on 139 for a meal on a free evening, discovering what poison ivy is … the hard way. And the great festivals too – the Olympics, Pan-American Games and of course Christmas, including the year it ‘snowed’ on the roof of the dining hall
And then there were the people. 1970 was my first trip to the States, and I had so much to learn about everything. After a couple of difficult days after the yellow buses unloaded their passengers, an all-summer boy called Tommy Pine gave me the low down on how to be a decent counsellor. Several counsellors and team leaders were great supporters – Don Hackett, Dennis Aresta, Glenn Ward, Frank Salambene, Norm and Paul Zanaboni, and the peerless nature man, Bill Mooney, another history graduate.
Looking at these pages, it is good to see the names Bill Keniston and Steve Goveia. Where are the rest of you folks ?
1970-1972 were the best summers of my life, the start of both a high school teaching career of 34 years rising eventually to acring principal and now a role as a consultant in international school partnerships
“Close beside our Camp Wing waters,
By our banks so fair ….”
40 years on, I remember the song!
The staff in 1970. I am middle row , sixth from the left. Lots of blond hair and a moustache. Both are long gone!

Name: Christine (Jarvis) Trodella

Email Address: christine1172066@gmail.com

Date: 11/22/2011

Message: What an amazing impact Camp Wing/Stockade had on me ~ I look forward to my “new” future…

Name : Richard Bartlett
Email Address : rbartlett@massport.com

Date: 3/9/2011

Message : Hello to all my alumni friends, during the 60’s and 70’s, at Wing and Stockade………..
Stan Stizzo ( negkouraj@hotmail.com )
Hello, I used to work at Camp Wing back in the late 90’s. When I was there the campers would call me CaptainStan. I spent 2 great summers there as a counselor. I worked with some of the finest Counselors like Ian, Marco, and so many more. I believe we impacted so many kids, and I pray they will remember what shared forever. I know I sure will remember. Thank you Camp Wing for helping me help so many great children. Peace, Captain Stan

16 December 2009

Bill Keniston ( wkeniston@comcast.net)
I began my life at Boys’ and Girls’ Camps Inc. in 1954 as a camper. Camp Wing and Duxbury Stockade were my entire life up through 1966. I took three years off from camp becuase Uncle Sam told me too. I returned to Wing in 1969, and my wife and I were a part of the organization until 1976. Even though I am separated from my lifelong camp friends, Wing will always be a part of me Everthing I am or have become is because of the people I met and the opportunities I was given at Camp. Dick Gavone was a father to a bunch of us, and his passing was personal for us. I am still friends with Paul and Maureen Canty, Norm and Eileen Shakosis, Harry and Nancy Kelble, Bobby and Diana Haley, Brian O’Laughlin, Tony Columbo and many others. I just got an email from my daughter who worked at Stockade last summer. She said she thinks about camp all the time, and she wanted to know if these memories will last. I told her she was now hooked. It really gets to you, so enjoy the memories.

4 November 2009

Paul Johnston ( paulj@spacecamp.com)
i just stumbled across the camp site.Wow it’s been a long time my four brothers and I went to Camps Wing, Mitton and Stockade from the late sixties through the early seventies. At camp itten my brother Brian was called Munchkin and when I arrived next summer they started calling me Munchkin jr. Those summers were the best. i remember being a waiter in the mess hall at camp Mitten and the director I think his name was Glenn taking us to the drive in. I remember a counselor named Skip and Mike Lawton. I remember Kenny Stokes who i think worked in the kitchen. I would love to hear from anyone who was at those camps those years. My brothers the Joyce brothers from Charlestown were probably better remembered than my younger brother and I. I do remember one friend that I went to both Wing and Mitton was a kid by the name Lance.

31 October 2009

Justine Hathaway ( justinehathaway@ymail.com )
Went to camp Mitton in 81-87. Reading all these post has brought so many good memories back!Was looking for a camp to send my children and stumbled across this website,all the memories came flooding back to me having such a great time making new friends sing songs around the camp fire the skits and the Olympics. Also how at night before bed they would reflect on the day and tell who got their deepend badge of who accomplished something that they didn’t think they could. I remember the stories and the canoe trips. If anyone went to Camp Mitton from 81-87 please get in touch with me,would love to catch up. I sure hope my children will enjoy camp as much as I did!!

20 October 2009

Kelly Nagi (Pierson) ( kellyn506@msn.com )

As I read the message board, it impresses me how much of an impact camp Wing has had on our lives. I never had the opportunity to go to camp Wing/Stockade as a camper but I worked in laundry room and the Stockade kitchen for 2 consecutive summers. It changed my life then and it is an experience that I have drawn from my entire life since. My son now goes to the day camp and loves it!

2 September 2009

Joe Leichliter ( fatucci@yahoo.com )
So here I am..having a ton of middle-aged flashbacks.. and who pops into mind? Phil Petrella. So of course I “google” Phil. and lo and behold, there’s Phil getting the Dick Gavone award and Crossroads for Kids! Of course I had to browse through everything being presented to me (2009 alumni get together). It’s wonderful to see the pics and to know the camps are flourishing. I first went to Camp Wing in the mid 60’s as did my brother Ricky.(thought mom was sending us to prison camp). Ricky sort of “tolerated” Camp Wing while I fell in love with the place. Staff was always understanding of us and were willing to take the time to help cure the various cases of homesickness that occasionally popped up. The only issue I ever had at Camp Wing was…the BELL! Even in my tender teen years I recognized the Pavlovian aspect of it. Of course, as I sit here taking a wonderful trip down Memory Lane, the names and faces are popping into my head…Dick Gavone with his pipe, Phil, Washeeba and the Colombo brothers, Tony and Louie. Chip and his wife at the pool,, Ray in the kitchen. And things like the old fire truck we had there..and of course..Elvis the mule! Eventually, I was asked if I would like to become a worker. You wouldn’t believe how fast I accepted that offer! Can’t say I “loved” working in the kitchen, but I survived…I was contributing. My second year as a worker, I got to work with Phil a lot closer. While I don’t remember Phil lifting those heavy trash barrels up on the big green truck for dumping (smart man that Phil)he DID teach me a ton of “Handyman” skills….from plumbing to carpentry to….well…everything! Skills that have served me well thru the years. Thank you Phil! My final year associated with the camps was down at Camp Mitton where I was a CIT for one summer. Of course I met some great people there too, but my heart was up in Duxbury. Before this gets as long as a copy of “War and Peace” I’ll finish off by sending hugs and handshakes to my friends from the past and kudos to those who continue to serve and help mold today’s campers. Well done to all!

25 August 2009

Alan Fairlie ( arfairlie@ntlworld.com )
I was a camp counselor at Camp Wing (Seniors) in the summer of 1961 (yes, a long time ago !!) and remember Phil Petrella and Dick Gavone mentioned in your recent e mail. Also, I remember, Tom, Al and Carl amongst others. Together with Jean (John) from France we came to Camp Wing under the International Camp Counsellor programme(ICCP)and had a memorable summer with a lot of hard work involved but also a tremendous amount of fellowship. We all gained an understanding of our various countries problems and ways of life. An experience that I will never forget. In 1990, whilst on a visit to relatives in Montreal, we drove down to New England and I enjoyed showing them and my wife around Camp Wing – all very nostalgic!! If anyone out there remembers me I would love to hear from you (arfairlie@ntlworld.com ). With best wishes to you all from England.

21 August 2009

Ricky DeVoe ( rrock411@aol.com )
Hey every one just went to alumni day not many people there but wanted to see if any one remebers me i went to camp wing from 87-88 to 1990’s i was camper of the year in 1990 , and i went to i belive it was Camp Mitton or the other one which ever one was in the cape and i was there for the L.I.T program so if any one was there with me it was some time in the 90’s dont remember the year id like to get in contact with them maybe on face book, and also my sister was a camp counselor at Camp Wing for a few years her name was Suzanne DeVoe any ways, hope i get some feed back, later……

10 August 2009

Eric Shaughnessy ( ericm.shaughnessy@yahoo.com )
Finally, me and Ryan Wilcox Are going back to camp Mitton for the Def Leoppard lip sync reunion tour.1 lump or 2 baby!

17 July 2009

Christine (Chrissy Jarvis) Trodella ( cmtrodella@yahoo.com )

OMG – My brother Brian (Jarvis) told me to go on this site ! I couldn’t believe the names that came flooding back to me : ) Brian and I went to Camp Wing/Duxbury Stockade for our entire childhood/preteen/teen summers! Winter camp too! We were campers/staff/counselors! I changed, grew up and learned so many things – some life changing, but always great memories…Some of my favorites were the summer olympics week, watching movies with the bats in the barn, archery, pranks on the “boys”, “Announcements”, etc…

7 July 2009

Big Goodie Goodwin ( skwim3@aol.com )
Hey – how is everybody doing from Camp Mitton/Wing? I worked there early 1970s. Let me know if you are out there. All is great with me…Billy G.

6 July 2009

Diane Cravedi ( bigd_1986@yahoo.com )
Hi there, was a camp counselor @ Lapham in the early 80’s met all kinds of great kids and counselors from other states. Lost touch, but remember the fun. Trip to Boston before the campers came in…

17 June 2009

Leslie Green ( lesliegrn@aol.com )
WOW; I feel like I have come full circle. I was a camper back in 77 – 78? I can remember boarding the bus my first year I believe it was at the Boston Commons. I did not want to go; when my two weeks were up, I did not want to go home. I was an inner-city kid from the projects in Southie were life was not always so kind. I do not recall any of the names of counselors that my path crossed or the other kids I had met along the way, but I want to tell you those weeks were a blessing. I attended Camp Wing/Duxbury Stockade I believe two summers. Those were great memories. I now work in Duxbury and my boss is directly involved with Crossroads for Kids; when he told the office staff about this program, I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. I was one of those kids, now being asked to make a donation…..I could not have been prouder. I moved out of Southie and never had the opportunity to go back; I now hope my sons will have the opportunity to experience what I felt and experience some of what we all had. It is great to read some of the alumni messages from the time I was there and the memories they have. Thank you to the Staff

3 May 2009

Stacey Ostiguy ( sno224@yahoo.com )

The Alumni Team for the Rodman Ride For Kids is still looking for riders. All you have to do is have a bike, a helmet, be able to ride and raise $1000. Every penny raised plus 15% goes to the camps. You can choose 25, 50 or 100 miles. Let us know if you want to join! **More details to follow**

7 April 2009

Corey Lanchester ( Clanchester2005@yahoo.com )

I was a camper (84-91) I was an L.I.T. (91-96) I was a staff member (1997) Wow holy crap, I can’t believe the people I’m seeing,lol.Well let’s just start out with: How are all of you doing?!?!?!.Camp was great from the time I was 6 yrs. old to when I left at 18.Sooooo many great times were shared like duets at talent shows ” Duel you remember right?”,lol, to meeting awesome lifelong friends. I loved going to reenacting trips and parades in which I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the colonial (rocking the green vest with no shirt on,lol) to being in the Mass 55th. I also absolutely couldn’t wait to go on weekends it was my highlight of the week/month. Also does anyone know where Kevin & Kion went? And “NEW BATCH where are the rest of you guys?!?!?”. I now live in E.Bridgewater Ma and I have a 2 yr. old son Corey Jr. if anyone remembers me or wants to drop me a line email me, I’m on yahoo messager Clanchester2005,or find me on Facebook under Corey Lanchester or https://www.clanchester2005@myspace.com, I really hope to hear from anyone that might know me. 🙂

7 April 2009

Jennifer Tetiva ( jentetiva@yahoo.comjentetiva@yahoo.com )
WOW!!! So Im finally looking for overnight camps for my kids… I think Im ready to let them go. Ive always said how growing in Cambridge and getting out of the city in the summer and going to Camp Mitton was the best part of my childhood. I actually felt bad for the friends I left at home. Its so ironic, as a kid my brother took it for granted. Going away was just part of the deal. I miss it! Growing up sucks! But now I have my kids and Im looking for them. I looked up Camp Mitton just to see what it turned out to be. The last time I was there it was the last session before the hurricane tore it apart. With the winds so didn’t my heart… I think back and it was the only times I ever swam across a pond, the first time I learned to throw a three pointer. I looked forward to seeing my “summer time best friend” Bonnie Cox and her brother Jimmy. We connected so well. I was just me with no expectations. Me… I remember one summer the kitchen staff… Tweetie Jamal and Ryan, they were the coolest!!! Jamal and Tweetie were these 2 tall dudes who taught us how to throw 3 pointers and our first crushes. Ryan was this short irishman tough guy who walked around looking like a greaser. Those were the days! I wish I could go back. But now its time for my children to experience their own memories. Do I not sound old!!! Anyways, if you share the same memories please get in touch! maybe our kids can share some memories together. Take it easy

14 March 2009

Linda Green ( auntielmg@yahoo.com )
Last week when I found the alumni page on Facebook, I was remembering the Donovan Brothers (John and Greg), and couldn’t remember David Becker’s last name for the life of me…it was making me nuts! I think Ducky was a tall red-head with a trucker/ball cap he always wore. I remember Oren Hatch, the Asst. Dir. daughter Lisa (her dad was a coach on cape somwhere), Larry ‘Crash’, Red (the asst. Asst. Dir.), Alfie Augello, Mike the surfer (? — he wore overalls with no shirt), Laura Trout (the craft lady in the pavillion) and Dawn (the Ubangi Kangi). Linda Stockade Kitchen Staff 76 and 77

11 March 2009

Paul Cherry ( pcherry10@cox.net )
Anyone ever a Worker at Wing or Stockade during the 60’s? We made$11.50 every two weeks, working six days a week, all day, with an hour or two break between shifts. The kitchen, dishroom, maintenance, the pool, etc.? Richard Gavone was the Executive Director when was I was there, and I’m sad to say, has since passed away. There was something immensely satisfying about not having to go anywhere else for food, lodging, or entertainment. It was all right there. I’m still friends with many of the people I met at camp, closing in on forty-five years now, many of us with grown children, some even with grandchildren. Where did the workers live? The workers were spread around the cabins. The cooks lived over the mess hall at Wing, and on the second floor above the kitchen at Stockade. The maintenance people lived up the Farmhouse on the second floor. There were a half dozen single rooms there and an apartment which, depending on the year, slept about six people. There were as many as forty workers sometimes doing dishes, trash hauls, pool boy, mess hall, pot washers, etc. All fourteen years old and working very hard. The Pool Director either slept in the ‘Birdhouse’ beside the pool, or in the shack by the docks. The Section Directors lived in the cubicles between the double cabins by the Counsel Rings,(Senior and Junior Sections) or, if they were married, lived in the houses behind Ziskind Hall. The counselors, obviously, slept in the same cabin as the campers. The Camp Director and his family had the first floor apartment at the Farmhouse. Was a camper at both Camp Wing and the Duxbury stockade during the middle sixties On my last session at summer camp at wing i was a “Trial worker” worked in the kitchen (deep sink). I even saw “Simon Keenes tomb” it was across the road where archery and bb gun activities were held only further back in the woods. Remember the museum behind the cabins and the “Kybo’s” All my time at he stockade was at winter camp. We would get picked up outside the “South Boston Boys Club” on Friday the other campers from Charlestown and Roxbury clubs were already on the bus. The lofts in the cabins was always prime real-estate. Standing “Fire Watch” spending money at the “Canteen” “Indian and Civil wars great fun. Remember on Sunday mornin they would load us up in the canvass covered truck for Sunday Mass. Boy did we get some funny looks when we all would walk into the church. People i remember: Paul Cantee Billy Kennison George Whinlock Buster Obrien (cook) A guy named Washeeba (Charlestown) ran the scullery Phil Patrilla (Headed winter camp) Lou Columbo (Cook) Pat Ryan Stevie Flaherty (Southie)

7 March 2009

Paul McCarthy ( Paul_M_McCarthy@comcast.net )
Well hello fellow Campers, Its been a long time since I’ve had these memories. Was home from work on a cold New England morning and thought of being young and at camp. Decided to look up on the web and see if the old camp still exsists. I was a camper i believe during the late 70’s early 80’s even worked there i beleive. So many faces in my mind i wish i could remember all the names. I think i was in every cabin at one time and spent a year on cleary’s side and Dunn’s side. I remember the music man Dave Becker i believe. Man the shows he put together what fun friday nights would be. I remember one time he made us all back bands and we put on a concert. I was in the beatles of course with a name like paul mccarthy what else could I play. I remember John Mooney was John lennon. Shawn was george and I’m so sorry I cant remember ringo. My teens were rough on the brain. I remember the Erico Brothers i think im spelling it wrong. Was the camp directors daughter named Stacey. Paul Perdredie, is a name i remember. Kenny ran the natures part with the animals and the Pit. Man we couldnt wait to fill that pit with snakes and snapping turtles and huge Bull frogs the bigger the better. Everyone was the best we had drill sergents, muscle guys (steve), RockNRoll cabins (Dan) U2 blasting. I think it was Scott that ran the Arts & Crafts. Zip lines Christmas in the summer, The Olympics, Who can forget raiding the girls stockade with Mike. Man I lived so much those summers. I dragged my feet there and Cried when I had to leave. The summers went by way to fast. I so gald i spent them at camp wing. Wow i just remember Ducky we were Jr. Staff together. Well back to the prensent. I Hope everyone is well. Paul McCarthy 77-80 I think : )

4 March 2009

Adam Brown ( spannermonkey_30@yahoo.co.uk )
Hi everyone, this is a message to anyone who was at camp in 1999, please contact me because i would love to talk about it again and catch up! The main man i want to get hold of is MARCO ABREU. Hopefully he will notice this, or if someone else see’s this please tell him that my old e-mail address has packed up and they cant fix it and since I have no other details for him this is my last chance!! So anyone please contact me. THANKS AND CANT WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU ALL. p.s. i still live in scotland, free holiday WOO HOO!

24 February 2009

Tremaine Surro ( tresure25@yahoo.com)
I was a camper as a child and remember being scared when my mother put me on that bus at north station. Two sessions later I was begging my mother to let me stay. Fast forward to freshman year in college summer job recruting I see kathy and the camp wing booth. I spoke with her for a while and put in an application that turned into 3 summers of joy(93-95). The first thing I remember when I arrived was that the dining hall smelled exactly the same. I developed so many lasting relationships and life long friends. Farmer tim bouchard for one I have spent many a vacation working on his dairy farm in rockford IL and was proud to be at his wedding. But most of all to this day I still think about the kids and wonder how they are doing. Bug juice big mike camping in the woods swamp walks I remember it all. I’d really like to get in touch with staff from that era please contact me.

22 February 2009

Christian Tyrell ( bigceemsb@yahoo.com )
Hello everybody! Big Chris here(camper at Lapham and Wing most of my childhood, counselor at Wing from 98-00). I am sooo happy to read that everyone is doing well. I googled camp wing, and here I am. I felt so nostalgic reading everyones posts. Camp Wing and Lapham were the best years of my life. I want to thank all campers and counselors for all the wonderful memories… I still live in the Boston area, and would love to see some of my fellow alumni. Hit me up!!! Bless you all…

20 February 2009

Suzanne De Voe ( suzannedevoe@hotmail.com )
Hey everyone! I was a camper at stockade from i think it was 91-97 then I was a camper for a year at Mitton the summer of 98. I also worked at wing summers 04-07. I am pretty much in touch with all the staff I worked with, but was interested in finding campers that i went to camp with.\ deanna and sean from quincy,willis, tasha, tara, nova from the cape umm there are so many! If anyone remembers me feel free to drop me an email! hope all is well with everyone!

27 January 2009

Lamar Boseman
Camp Wingy Wing, So many memories so man stories-word game-big mike, Keenes Pond, Revoly, Stockade, Ziskin Hall, movie nite, straightest line get in first, red dots, winter vamp, wood stove, section bounde, froggin, tornado stitch, Builders Cup Award, King Kamayamaya, teepees, good times good friends good stories good bye. Lamar

18 January 2009

Crystal Christmas ( c-c-thompson@verizon.net )
I stumbled upon the link via facebook sort of a dare to physically locate the source to happiness in my life.I rec’d a scholarship to Camp Wing,Mitton,Lapham in 5th grade approx 1975 and attended until I was too old to be a camper and was a counselor upon entering college. I won Cleanest camper many years. The director I think was Michael and he and his wife had a baby sitter named Bonnie from Sandwhich.I remember “BIg Mike” locknest in the lake,camp songs Johnnie Appleseed and Magalena Hagalena. I am a camp advocate because of you. God Bless all the campers,staff,best cooks and the nurse who really took care of the booboos. I loved Canteen!! I can be reached @ c-c-thompson@verizon.net What Great memories.

9 January 2009

Timothy Terry ( tandcterry@sbcglobal.net)
WOW!!!I was sitting at work and camp just flashed before my eyes. Before I knew it, I google the camp, called the headquarters to locate Pat, and stumbled upon the alumni site. I was a camp counselor from 91-93 (i think) and it was the best time of my life. I recognize alot of names and it was really great to read the entries and see all the love for the camp. Keep up the great work Pat.

6 January 2009

Alan Fairlie ( arfairlie@ntlworld.com )

I was a counsellor at Camp Wing in the summer of 1961 (when!!??). I was there under the International Camp Counsellor Programme (ICCP) as was also Jean (John) from France: I am from England although I am at present visiting my son, David, who lives in Alpharetta near Atlanta with his wife and three children. I well remember the many friends that I made at Camp Wing who all came from the Boston area except for Carl who had travelled up from the deep south where (in those days) he was treated quite diffrently from how he was received at Camp Wing. However, things soon changed after 1961!! If there are any of you out there who remember me from all those years ago, I would be delighted to hear from you – Joe, Al, Tom and Tony are just a few of the names that come to mind as I type this note. In the meantime, to all of you who give of your time to helping out at Camp Wing – Happy New Year and keep up the good work.

28 December 2008

Kami Matsunaga ( kmats@earthlink.net )
I worked at Wing/Stockade the summer of 1993. One of the most interesting jobs I have ever done. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from then (Kami from Colorado).

22 December 2008

Jim Rowe ( ttoy12@verizon.net )
hey all it was great being involed and adding more friends to my family. i was at camp mitton for ten years 1980-1990 also i have a new e:mail address would like to hear from all that i was lucky to meet.

12 November 2008

Jenn MacDonald ( Bluesdiva76@yahoo.com )
I am so glad I actually had a chance to go to the Harvest Moon Benefit. It was great to see a few people that I knew, and to see how Wing has grown and evolved. Thank you to everyone that puts their heart and soul into Crossroads 🙂 Keep Smilin Jenn MacDonald 1994-1998

20 October 2008

Ryann Al-lahiq ( ryann.allahiq@gmail.com )
heys. gosh… its been ages (summer 2005)…i still have Mitton poppin into my mind @ least once a week… any who was a great experiance, i’m glad i’m able to say that i’ve been there and got the tshirt/picture 🙂 all the best

18 October 2008

Jennifer Knightly-McMellen ( jkmcmellen@hotmail.com )
WOW blast from the past. I came upon this website after someone from work mentioned Camp Wing. I work in Pembroke and just for kicks I drove by to see the camp. I was there 85-87 hello to all. Hello to Pat.
11 June 2008

Stacey Ostiguy ( sno224@yahoo.com)
Hello! I am writing a two fold message here. On June 14, The Alumni Committe (which is small right now but hoping to grow with your help) is having a meeting at Camp Wing to discuss the 2008 Alumni Day among other things. June 14 is also the day the Cleary Family is hosting their Fourth Annual “Paul M. Cleary Challenge For Kids” fundraiser. If you are around, this is always a fun event (food, beverages, music, raffles etc)and every penny goes to sending the most deserving kids selected by the Cleary Challenge committee to the Camps. This is a family friendly event and runs from 2-6pm. Hope to see you there!