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Each year high school seniors are tasked with a Medallion Service Project, allowing them to explore their communities and service goals, as well as test their leadership skills in a practical way. They each pick a topic that is important to them, and create a plan to inspire change in their communities. They receive support from Crossroads staff, but the projects are completely teen-led and are a culmination of all they’ve learned in their five years of the C5 Leaders Program. Here are some examples of what our teens are working on this year:

Kelly Lopes, Age 17, Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School
Kelly, with the help from the office of Mayor Carpenter of Brockton, has organized a Family Fun Day.
Originally, Kelly had created a GoFundMe page to fund the event. However, her drive and creativity led her to reach out to the Mayor’s office, and she was able to receive the funding through the town.
Located at a local park in Brockton, teens facilitated a festival atmosphere with arts and crafts, raffles, face painting and more. Spending time as a family is important, and Kelly facilitated an event that was free and easy to allow families a few hours together.
Kelly’s project has gotten the media interested as well! Check out what the Enterprise had to say!

Ronique Williams, Age 18, Brookline High School

Ronique is a co-director of the Brookline Literacy Partnership (BLP), which is going strong in its 8th year of service. The mission of BLP is to enhance literacy in the two schools: The Mather School in Dorchester and The James P. Timility Middle School in Roxbury.

For her Medallion project, she is working towards two goals:

  • Building a reading room for the Timilty because they cannot afford a librarian, and consequently a library and
  • Fundraising $5,000 for the Mather School for any book or scholastic supplies that students and teachers can benefit from.

To build a reading room for the Timilty she is looking for book donations and shelf/appropriate furniture donations. For The Mather School she’s working with BLP to raise funds through the IntelliJam, a fun event that includes a raffle and book drive as well as face painting, book making, cookie decorating and other fun activities for young children.

Wilson Mak and Cayla Lewis, Age 17 and 18, North Quincy High School

“Every single child should have access to books. Most kids who go to camp, they don’t have those resources. So when they come to camp, they have a library there. Kids can use their imagination when they read,” said Wilson Mak.

Wilson and Cayla Lewis are two seniors who are focusing their efforts on creating a library at Crossroads’ Camp Mitton site. Their goal is to acquire 250 donated books as well as shelving to create a space at Camp Mitton for young people to explore the literary world.

They currently have about 50 books, and are planning to work up until the summer to see their dream become a reality.

Ryan Reynolds, Age 17, Norfolk County Agricultural High School

Ryan Reynolds is a member of Future Farmers of America (FFA), and is holding information sessions for the freshman of his school.

While originally created to support aspiring farmers, FFA has since transformed to welcome members who aspire to be teachers, doctors, scientists, business owners and more. Their programming now focuses on leadership and developing personal growth to lead career success.

Ryan has been involved with FFA since he was a freshman. He volunteers as an advocate, and he also goes to help out the freshman at the state conventions FFA holds.

He strongly believes that the skills and values instilled in him from this organization are powerful tools to help young people succeed, and is excited for the opportunity to spread the word.

Damaria Joyner, 18, Brockton High

Damaria is working on a project with the Family Center of Brockton for their upcoming leadership conference.

Every year the Family Center of Brockton invites families from the south shore to discuss issues facing their community. It’s a day-long event with workshops going on all day, and some are youth-led. Some topics of these workshops include: self-empowerment, developing leadership skills, how to vote and living a healthy lifestyle.

Damaria’s role is to inform and involve the community. She’s coordinating the social media outreach and trying to spread the word. She’ll also be a volunteer the day of the event.