Emerging Leaders

Who We Are

The Crossroads Emerging Leaders are a collection of Greater Boston young professionals who believe in giving back to their communities and supporting the development of the next generation of leaders.

Board Members:
Jack Allen
Colby Badeau
Amber Bryant
Alec Douglas
Josh Elowe
Tatiana Joyce
Dan Kinan
David McGrath
Mollie Scheerer
Saylor Scheller
Taryn Tetreault
Cindy Truong

What We Do

We engage emerging leaders across Greater Boston in the work Crossroads is doing with youth in our communities. Our goals are to increase awareness, make connections & network, and support this incredible cause!

To accomplish our goals, we host fun, innovative events in Greater Boston to educate our networks about Crossroads and their amazing youth, connect emerging leaders in the community to each other, and above all have a great time!

Get Involved

Interested in making a difference in your community, and having a great time while you do it? Email Jaime Wendel to learn more about getting involved with our Emerging Leaders!