On August 2nd we were thrilled to host Boston Globe Columnist Adrian Walker at camp again this year! Joined by our Board Chair Kevin Phelan, he spent the day immersing himself in the camp experience meeting young people and seeing programming in action. We were honored that he was inspired by his visit and is helping to share the Crossroads story, again

At Crossroads, paths are found

August 8, 2016

by Adrian Walker

Camp Wing has its cherished rituals, and one of them takes place during the daily lunch break at its picturesque lakeside site.

So it was that 200-plus kids were dancing and belting out songs blasted by a DJ moments after finishing their pizza one day last week. Many of them were wearing capes or other costumes, or had dyed their hair blue, as part of an X-Men-themed competition. To an outsider it looked like an alien invasion, but those involved swear it is one of the program’s great bonding experiences.

The participants at the camp aren’t from well-off Duxbury, or anywhere nearby. They are children from cities across the state, taking part in a three-week program designed to introduce them to a world that, to them, is as distant as a foreign country. The camp is the centerpiece of Crossroads, a program designed to teach leadership skills to underprivileged youth and prepare them to enter adulthood.

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