We can be so much more. The political climate and lingering social effects of the pandemic have contributed to the fraying of our sense of community and common purpose. Young people who have lived through the extraordinary hardships of the public health crisis are further threatened by a culture of divisiveness—at a moment when they need the warm embrace of an inclusive, caring community of peers and adults.

Crossroads draws from over 85 years of success in bringing people TOGETHER; on a daily basis we demonstrate that the unique attributes of our participants, families, staff, volunteers, and donors are sources of great inspiration and cause for celebration. In 2023, join us in strengthening our Crossroads Community with even more resolve to attend to the needs and nurture the aspirations of our remarkable young people with:

Community demands investment. Navigating the world as a young person today is more complicated and challenging than ever before. The path is steep, slick, and winding. The trail markers seem to have faded. Guides no longer speak with one voice nor do they seem interested in reaching a shared destination. Too many of our children and teens are being asked to travel alone, without essential tools or experienced fellow travelers to speed their journey. Crossroads offers a powerful counter narrative to this bleak picture; but our success depends upon our community rallying as one to accompany our young people in pursuit of their dreams.


Please respond to our call to being MORE in 2023 by supporting the learning, enrichment,
and mentorship that our participants are so excited to access.