Another summer has come to a close and our campers are returning home with new friends, new experiences and new confidence in themselves. One of the most important elements of a Crossroads summer is the opportunity to try new things and push yourself beyond what you had previously thought possible. At Crossroads we are lucky to have an amazing partner in helping to make this happen in a way that we could not do on our own, the Duxbury Bay Maritime School (DBMS).

For the past 16 summers DBMS has collaborated with Crossroads to provide an on-the-water program called Maritime Adventures. Each camper involved with Maritime Adventures participates in five to seven 2.5-hour sessions over the course of a week. During these sessions campers participate in sailing lessons, learn marine skills and experience kayaking excursions. Since our partnership began DBMS has served over 200 campers, who otherwise would not have had access to such enriching experiences.

At Crossroads, we work to provide access to quality programming during the summer, reducing the achievement gap. It is partnerships like the one with DBMS that help us to achieve and exceed this goal.

“Sailing was a very exciting experience and I can’t wait to sign up again.”
–  Dalonie Dew, camper

We know that spending time in nature is inherently beneficial to youth. It has been proven that time in nature helps youth explore their creativity, learn problem-solving skills, improve their ability to focus and reduces stress. Many of the young people Crossroads works with are from urban areas and don’t have regular access to nature. Spending time at camp in the summer, and time on the water with DBMS, gives these youth the opportunity to access all these benefits.

When campers spend time with Maritime Adventures, they aren’t just learning to sail. They’re learning that working together as a team is a balance and once found, can create magic. They’re learning that facing their fears head-on is liberating. And they’re learning that being challenged creates opportunities for growth.

“The girls’ willingness to step out of their comfort zones to try new things is why I looked forward to sailing every day. From jumping off of the boat into the ocean to kayaking Duxbury beach, they never failed to take on each adventure with enthusiasm. Watching them cheer each other on to do these activities always brought a smile to my face,” said Valeria Montesio, Camp Wing counselor.

Our partnership with DBMS is not only about fun for our youth, it is an opportunity for our youth to grow and learn. “Sailing made me enjoy and feel more comfortable around water,” said Chyna Payen-Sena. Each young person who participates takes away something personal and powerful. Our partnership is greatly valued, and we are honored to be able to partner with DBMS each summer to provide our youth with top quality programming that leaves them with lessons to last the years.