Camp Wing

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Bernard Alexander Dining Hall

This spacious building is our primary reception hall, comfortably seating up t 160 guests. It is large enough t accommodate a dining area (buffet tables or full-service) and a dance floor (with a DJ, Band, or music station) in a variety of layouts. The alcoves are als perfect for use as bar areas, with the porch providing a great location for a gift table, guest book or seating charts. Rental includes use of our fully equipped industrial kitchen.

Details & Measurements:

A fully functioning fireplace and mantle
Oval Tables
        20 tables can each seat up t 8 guests
        Table Top = 5 ft. x 6 ft. (2½ ft. tall)
Rectangular Tables
        15 tables can each seat up t 8 guests
        Suitable for buffets
        Table Top = 2½ ft. x 8 ft. (2½ ft. tall)
260 blue plastic chairs (non-folding)
Sound system with attachment for iPod, laptop or any standard music player
Dining Hall Floor = 2,950 sq ft
        Main floor = 29 ft. x 83 ft.
        Front alcoves (x2) = 22½ ft. x 12ft
Porch = 6 ft. x 36 ft.

The Duxbury Stockade

Originally built in 1937, The Duxbury Stockade is our beautiful rustic log building, located behind 47 Myrtle Street. The building contains an industrial kitchen and dining room which can comfortably seat up t 50 guests. The dining room contains eight banquet style tables and has a large fireplace at one end. Additional features include:
  • Relaxing lounge
  • Conference style room
  • Breakout room with fireplace
  • Outside Courtyard containing a large camp fire and outside seating area

Camp Wing

Bright Memorial Hall

This accommodation is fully heated and contains larger bunks than other areas of camp. These cabins are all internally accessible t the Stockade dining room and communal areas.This beautiful wooden hall located right by the Camp Mitton lake front is our primary reception hall, comfortably accommodating 110 guests. The versatile space has countless uses including seated dining, dancing, bar areas, ceremony space, or anything else you request. The hall als includes a fully equipped industrial kitchen for use by a professional caterer or by your guests.

Details & Measurements:

Rectangle Tables
        11 tables can seat up t 8 guests
        Suitable for buffets
        Table Top = 2½ft.  x 8ft.
        2½ ft. tall
14 Folding Benches
        Seat Top = 1¼ft. x 8 ft.
        1ft. 5in. tall
Sound system with attachment for iPod, laptop, or any standard music player
Dining Room Floor = 1,598 sq ft.
        Main Floor = 44ft x 26½ ft
        Alcove = 36ft x 12ft
Service Windows:
        2 windows int kitchen = 4ft. 10in. x 3 ft.

The Lacy Pavilion

The Pavilion at Camp Mitton is set back from the lake front beyond the cabins in a wooded area. Having a large area on site with a roof is great t use as a shaded/sheltered spot for activities and can als act as a back-up spot for any outdoor ceremonies or activities in case of less-than-ideal weather.

Main Floor = 35ft x 45ft
37 Forest Green Wooden Benches

Lakeside Beach and Field

The waterfront area is great for outdoor activities, swimming (with camp provided lifeguard), relaxing, and can be set up t your requirements for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The space als hosts basketball and 4 square courts, a wash-house, and the large playing field with space for lawn games, cocktail hour, and can accommodate large tents.

The ‘Counsel Ring’ — a circle of fixed benches around a central fire pit (space for around 100 adults seated on benches)
  • 17 Picnic Benches on and around field/wooded areas
  • 37 Green Wooden Benches (from the pavilion) can be set up for ceremonies