How did my child get nominated to particspanate?

Congratulations on having your child nominated! Prospective campers must be nominated by community organizations associated C5 Leaders such as local schools and youth groups. These groups nominate teens who are currently in the 7th grade, doing well in school, have leadership capability and a desire to learn, grow and succeed. Your child has demonstrated these abilities to other adults in your community and you should be proud. From those nominated, final selections will be made through an application and interview process.

Where do other young leaders come from?

Crossroads supports young people from Boston, Brockton Lowell and Cape Cod. Most of the teens your child will meet in the program will live in or near your city.

Where is the summer portion of the program (camp)?

For teens finishing their 7th grade year, the summer component is located at our Camp Lapham site. The beautiful site is located in scenic Ashby, Massachusetts, near the border with New Hampshire and approximately 90 minutes from downtown Boston. The camp site is more than 100 acres of woodland and lakes, with well equipped cabins and facilities for a comfortable, fun and safe experience in the outdoors.

How does my child get to camp?

Bus transportation will be provided from a central location (BC High School in Boston and the Keith School parking lot in Brockton). Your local community agency may help with transportation arrangements closer to your home. You may also drive your child to camp. Camp staff will discuss all arrangements with you prior to the departure date.

My child has never been to camp. What is it like?

Crossroads facilities are rustic, but clean, well maintained and comfortable. Crossroads is staffed with experienced, caring adults who hold high expectations for each child and their experience at camp. Staff members are carefully selected, undertake criminal background checks, are given thorough training, and are regularly evaluated. A health care professional is also on-site at all times.

Why is camp three weeks?

We pack a lot into camp — swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, campfires, remote adventures. Just over three weeks gives campers the time they need to get settled in, engage in all the activities and to make lasting relationships with other great kids and staff. Our campers always leave for home saying time has flown by.

What are the expectations for my child?

Most importantly, your child needs to come to camp prepared to have fun and to meet new friends. To get the most out of camp, teens must be open to new experiences and be excited about learning new things. We expect our campers to be fully engaged in all activities and supportive of their fellow campers.

What is expected of me?

Encourage your child to engage in all activities at camp. Reinforce the benefits of trying new activities and learning new skills. During the school year ensure your child invests adequate time each day doing homework and does the best he or she can at school.

What medical care is available during the summer?

Your child’s safety is the number one priority for every staff member. We want your child to have a safe and fun summer experience, and we want you to know they are well cared for. Each camp is staffed with professionals trained to tend to the medical needs of campers and staff. In addition to this on-site health care, there is a local physician and emergency care providers who are available 24 hours a day. All medications are collected at registration and secured in the Health Care Center. Camp medical staff will dispense medications. If we leave camp for a field trip, a leadership staff person will ensure that medications are properly dispensed. You will be asked to complete a Medical Survey Form so we have all the information required to attend to your child’s needs.

What kind of food is served?

Encouraging teens to eat a healthy well-balanced diet is part of the Crossroads program. We offer great tasting food that the teens will like, and ensure the offering includes fruit, vegetables and other healthy choices. Breakfasts include cereals, pancakes, eggs, fruit, juice, and milk. For lunch, we generally offer hot and/or cold sandwiches, hot dogs, pasta, fruit and vegetables. Dinner includes chicken, beef, pasta, salads and more. Snacks are available during the day, including lots of juice and water to keep everyone’s energy level high. We will provide for special health, cultural or religious dietary requirements your child may have.

What kind of clothing and equipment is required?

A complete list of suggested clothing and personal items will be sent to you prior to the start of camp.

What is the cost of this program?

Through our own fundraising, Crossroads is able to provide quality programming at a reduced rate to our families. We do ask the families of each Crossroads participant to contribute a portion of the fees on an annual basis. By providing this financial support for your child, you are helping us to offer quality programming to over 1,000 youth each year. The contribution for each family is determined on an individual basis. No family will be turned away based on an inability to pay.

Can I communicate with my child while he/she is at camp?

We encourage you to write letters as often as you like. Mail is delivered to our campers daily and we provide them time to write to friends and family. Campers have access to the telephone only in cases of emergency.

Describe the community service expected of my child.

Camp mentors work with campers before each session ends to create individualized community service “plans of action.” These activities include everything from cleaning a neighborhood, to volunteering at a senior’s home, to creating a neighborhood recycling program. Campers are required to complete 30 hours of community service each year to remain eligible for the C5 Leaders Program.

How is the Crossroads staff selected?

The positive relationship camper’s form with their counselors is critical to an enriching summer experience. We work with local schools, youth agencies and camp staffing organizations to hire individuals who have a passion for working with young people, matched with the maturity and skills to provide leadership and be role models for our campers. Most staff members are recent graduates or college students majoring in youth related fields.

Each staff member goes through a rigorous selection and screening process, and extensive training prior to the start of camp.

What happens if my child is not selected?

Being nominated for the program is an honor in its own right. There are only 100 spaces available each year in the program and over 200 teens will be nominated to apply. If your child is not offered a space in the program, they will still reap the benefits of being recognized as a teen with potential, and hopefully the experience will be a catalyst for them to explore other ways that they can be a leader in their community, and other programs that they are eligible to apply for.