What is C5 Leaders?

C5 Leaders inspires high-potential youth from risk-filled environments to pursue personal success, to prepare them for college, work and life, and to motivate them to become role models for others in their communities. We do this through five years of intensive leadership experiences in a summer camp setting, year-round leadership development programs and community service, and preparation for continuing education and career development.

We encourage youth to be…
• Character-driven
• Community-focused
• Challenge-ready
• College-bound, and
• Committed to a better future.

Nomination and Selection Process

All Youth Leaders must be nominated and accepted based on an application, essay, reference form, individual interview, and a group interview.

Selection is competitive. Final decisions are based on character, accomplishments, and potential for success as part of Crossroads and C5. We hold high standards for our youth leaders throughout the five years.

In order to remain a part of Crossroads, youth Leaders must hold themselves to a higher standard throughout their involvement in our program. This includes continuing to pursue academic achievement, volunteering in their communities, attending events and workshops, behaving respectfully and representing themselves well in their communities throughout the year.

For questions about nomination to C5 please contact Emily Merino at emily@crossroads4kids.org or 617-766-5202.