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Typical Daily Schedule

7.30am Extended Day Begins (optional & includes breakfast
9.00am Campers arrive and join their groups
9.15am Group Time – Teambuilding Activities
10.00am Activity 1 – Outdoor Pursuits
11.00am Activity 2 – Swim Lessons
12.00pm Lunch (campers bring their own lunch)
12.30pm Activity 3 – Creative Arts
1.30pm Spread (Recess) – free choice time on the fields/basketball courts
2.30pm Free swim
3.30pm End of Day Activities – preparing for pick-up
4.00pm Campers get picked up & Optional Extended Day Begins
6.00pm Extended Day Ends


Camp Wing Day Camp offers a comprehensive selection of activities to all campers. Our staff is specially trained to work with your kids to create the ultimate camp experience with the specific purpose of helping kids reach their goals.

Our Certified Camp Archery Instructors enjoy teaching first-time archers and modern-day Robin Hoods alike. The archery range includes four lanes and equipment includes a variety of bow sizes for all.

The docks at Keene Pond waterfront provide access to our canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, row boats and giant 14 person dragon canoes. Campers learn skills through working together in paddling and water craft control, in addition to water safety, as they cruise on the beautiful pond.

Challenge Course
Using the experiential model of education, the challenge course experiences promote personal and group development through mental and physical problem-solving exercises. Your group will be presented with a variety of challenges such as stepping onto and maintaining balance on a large ‘whale watch’ platform. Each challenge is a tool for learning by doing, processing experiences, and creating team cohesion through cooperation and fun. The leadership, strategy and goal-setting skills learned in these situations readily transfer to the ‘real life’ challenges facing campers in their school and community.

Climbing Wall
Campers have the incredible opportunity to climb to the top of our 30 foot wall. Campers are given a safety orientation, roped into a climbing harness, and belayed by a Day Camp instructor. Older campers can also be taught to belay each other. Using the climbing wall is a great way for campers to build their self-esteem, as well as boost each other as they encourage others to reach their goals.

Creative Arts
Our arts and crafts building is available for a variety of creative projects such as mural painting, bracelet making, gimp and much more.

Students learn skills of how to use a compass by practicing bearings and paces. Students gain self-confidence as they become familiar with the use of a compass and put their new found skills to work by participating on the orienteering course throughout our camp.

Sports and Games
The field is a spacious area containing three baseball diamonds, a soccer pitch, two full size basketball courts, and plenty of recreational space for a variety of outdoor sports including frisbee and football. We also have a sand volleyball court on site.

Learn more about our extensive swim instruction here.

Survival Skills
There are many skills to learn using our many acres of land as the classroom. Options include: fire building (safety concerns, function, proper set-up); how to build a shelter to fit an entire group (tepee, debris hut, lean to); how to build a litter out of nature and carry a member up a hill; basic knot tying; learn ‘leave no trace’ philosophy; and how to understand weather patterns and clouds.

Total Team
Students love this active team-building adventure program. Students start out with challenges on our spread field and progress to more challenging ones. All activities are designed to facilitate cooperation, communication, and leadership skills.

Scavenger Hunt
Using clues around camp, groups get familiar with our landmarks and orientate themselves to our site using this fun and interactive method.

Wacky Relays
Teams race against each other in various wacky ways. Each member takes a turn completing the relay; the winners are based on the first to finish in a straight and quiet line. Depending on the number of teams, the activity can be run in a tournament format.

Camp is not the same without a campfire filled with upbeat ‘repeat after me’ songs, stories and skits. We often finish the campfire with our traditional ‘Rain Storm’ activity while enjoying, s’mores – with Hershey’s chocolate, fire hot marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers.