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Getting to Camp

Driving Directly To Camp

Day Camp Address: 650 Keene Street, Duxbury MA 02332 –  ‘Day Camp & Maple Parking Lot’ Sign Entrance (Gate H)

Morning Drop Off: 8:45 a.m. – 8:55 a.m.

Please use Gate H on Keene Street and continue down the dirt path into the designated parking area. Counselors will be present to open the car door for the camper, and will conduct a brief COVID-19 symptom check. Upon departure from your car, the camp takes responsibility for your camper.

Non-campers should remain in the vehicle.

Afternoon Pick Up: 3:45 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Please use Gate H on Keene Street and continue down the dirt path into the designated parking area. Drivers should pull up to the car in front, stay in their car, and have a photo ID available. Counselors will check IDs, confirm that the driver is on the camper’s authorized pick-up list, and open the car door for the camper.

If pick up backs up beyond the Gate H sign, please do not turn left onto the path. Instead, join the back of the line turning right into Gate H to ensure safe entry for all families.

Bus Route

Scituate High School, Scituate MA

Morning Pickup: 8:30 a.m.
Afternoon Drop off: 4:15 p.m.

We offer daily yellow school bus transportation at a rate of $150 per session. At the bus stop, please wait in the car with your camper. An adult must be present to put the camper on the bus; please do not drop your child off at the bus stop and leave them there. It is suggested that you be at the bus stop a few minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. The bus will not wait at a stop past the scheduled pick-up time if the children expected to ride are not present. In the afternoon, bus counselors cannot leave a child at the bus stop without an adult to sign the child out. If there is no authorized adult at the stop to pick up your camper, they will be brought back to camp and will stay with the Extended Day campers until a parent/guardian or another authorized pickup person can be located. This person will need to come to camp to pick up the child. We reserve the right to charge your account an additional fee in the event that the bus must return to camp with your child.

What if the bus is late?
The bus route varies with the traffic and weather, though generally, it is no more than 10 minutes off schedule due to these factors. If you are waiting to pick up your child and the bus is more than 15 minutes late, please have one adult at the bus stop call to let us know. In the unlikely event of a significantly delayed bus schedule, we will do our best to inform parents as quickly as possible and provide accurate information regarding the bus’s whereabouts.