Crossroads C5 New England Class of 2021 Virtual Graduation 

Last month, 64 high school seniors celebrated everything they have accomplished over the past five years in a special virtual graduation ceremony with the Crossroads community.

We were thrilled to welcome Alain Mathieu, an attorney at Mintz and Crossroads board member, who delivered the commencement address. Alain congratulated this class for their many accomplishments and left them with three pieces of advice: to seize opportunities for growth however they present themselves, to not underestimate the power of their voices in the fight for social change, and to chase their dreams even when others cast doubt on them.

Jasiah Woodberry, this year’s Class Speaker, reflected on his experiences, highlighting how the Crossroads C5 Leaders program empowered them to own their emotions and lead their communities in times of great challenge.  “C5 teaches us to speak our mind in a world where people are silenced. The Class of 2021 is full of passionate speakers with a lot of heart. We had to learn how to take our raw emotions and channel them. Emotion is not a weakness; it is our greatest strength…Our communities are in great pain and in need of leaders who can show them the way. We have been given the tools and the training to come out in these communities and heal the land.”  Jasiah will attend the Wentworth Institute of Technology this fall.

Congratulations to the C5 Class of 2021! We know that you are destined to become the leaders and citizens this nation needs to evolve toward a place of greater justice and equality for all, and we are proud to be a part of your journeys.

To view the full graduation ceremony, please click the video link below:

Crossroads C5 New England Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony