Since 2013 Crossroads has partnered with Above the Clouds to give 20 at-risk young people the gift of flight. One of those young people, Corwin Huang, found his life’s passion in the cockpit.


Serving over 1,100 at-risk youth from the Boston area, Crossroads provides multi-year programs that span the summer and school year with a focus on social/emotional learning, college access/post-secondary success and civic engagement. By providing at-risk young people with a safe, positive environment surrounded by staff and mentors who consistently encourage them to let down their walls and challenge themselves to do more and be more, we offer youth a new perspective on what is possible for them.


 Above the Clouds shares a similar philosophy and a similar goal: to allow young people to grow into successful and fulfilled adults by challenging them to think outside of their comfort zones. Because of this partnership, Corwin was able to challenge himself to be more and do more while discovering his career path.


Crossroads helped Corwin discover his potential while assuring him that he has a community behind him to help him when he needed it. Through signature experiences and school-year events with other members of his Crossroads class, Corwin developed his leadership skills and introduced him to new possibilities for a potential career path.

My junior year gave me a direct insight to college with the college tours. It gave me an idea of what I wanted in a college,” said Corwin.
Corwin’s Cadet experience with Above the Clouds was also integral in his success.


 “Above the Clouds gave Corwin a new passion in life. He was hooked right from the start. After debriefing with him, I think he loved the adventure and adrenaline rush of flying and he found that his analytical mind was challenged by flying planes. This is his future career path now, which is why he is at St. Louis University,” said Lisa Bower, Camp Mitton director and one of Corwin’s mentors.


“I chose to study flight science [in college] because nothing captivated me more than a future piloting a large aircraft and traveling to destinations I never imagined I would go to before. It is something special calling the cockpit of an airplane your office, workplace and currently my classroom,” said Corwin. 


 We are pleased to share that Corwin has already started his aviation career, applying for a job as a ramp agent with Alaska Air.


 “At Crossroads we truly want all our young people to find success – whatever that may mean for them. And that means we need to provide them with all the tools available, which sometimes we may not have. That is why we partner with amazing organizations like Above the Clouds. Together, we can help our participants achieve success,” said Crossroads President Deb Samuels.