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School Retreat Activities

Crossroads Connects offers a comprehensive catalog of both day and evening activities to choose from when planning your retreat. Our staff is specially trained to work with you to create the ultimate experience with the specific purpose of helping you reach your unique goals.

The Crossroads ‘Challenge by Choice’ philosophy encourages students to assess each activity, determine their comfort level, and with the help of staff, set their own goals for achievement. We believe that personal growth happens when students are encouraged to push themselves to safely step outside of their comfort zone. We offer a supportive environment where students can overcome personal barriers such as fear, anxiety, social shyness, lack of confidence or physical ability.

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible schedule that is catered to each groups specific goals for their retreat. We would be more than happy to discuss other activities not listed below that you feel would make your trip to camp even more special.

Camp Wing has five high ropes elements, each offering their own set of challenges to overcome. All ropes activities are run by experienced staff, certified in belay techniques and proper equipment use by Northeast Adventure. All elements and equipment are inspected annually to assure safe, memorable experience

Keene Pond offers the perfect location for our boating programming. Groups can work together in one of our 15 person Dragon Canoes, or work individually during a kayaking session. All water based programming is run by certified lifeguards and Watercraft Safety specialists, and no-one gets on the water without a lifejacket.

Our low ropes challenge course provides participants with both physical and mental problem-solving exercises that foster a strong sense of teambuilding. Each challenge is a toll for learning by doing, processing experiences, and creating team cohesion through cooperation and fun.

Our certified instructors enjoy teaching all skill levels, from first-timers to modern-day Robin Hoods. We have two ranges and a variety of bow sizes to ensure everyone gets a turn.

A series of mentally challenging, and fun, problem-solving games. These games are designed to push groups out of their comfort zones, while encouraging communication, cooperation and self-regulation. A must for any groups looking to bring their team closer together.

There are many skills to learn using our many acres of land as the classroom. With a choice of constructing shelters, building fires, making bird feeders, or learning survival skills, all while appreciating the peaceful wooded setting.

We offer a wide variety of games to engage large groups of 20 participants or more. Whether it’s building a raft with limited resources, exploring the whole of camp on a devious scavenger hunt, or constructing a protective case for an egg to survive a trip down a zip line, there really is something for everyone.

What trip to camp wouldn’t complete without a campfire? The perfect end to a long day, we like to celebrate the three S’s of a campfire; safety, singing and, of course, s’mores!

Mealtimes are a huge part of our culture at Connects. Not only for the delicious food served, but for the dance parties that breakout every single meal time. Playing modern hits, as well as a few throwback favorites that can get everyone on their feet.