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Terms & Conditions for Retreats at Camp Wing


To complete a reservation with Crossroads Connects, all groups must provide the following within four weeks of this agreement date, and at least two weeks prior to the arrival date:

  1. Certificate of insurance naming Crossroads as additional insured.
  2. Signed rental agreement.
  3. Non-refundable deposit (20% unless otherwise arranged). The deposit will be considered as part of the total fees due, except in the case of cancellation, which will result in the loss of deposit.
  • Your group guarantees payment of the total number of guests listed on this agreement. Your group may request a revision of the minimum up until two weeks prior to the arrival date. After this point, the last attendance number given will be the minimum amount billed on the final invoice. Attendance over this amount must be cleared through the Crossroads Connects Director to ensure that additional accommodations may be made.
  • Final payment is due two weeks prior to arrival. School groups can pay upon arrival if previously agreed by the Director.
  • All participants in programs facilitated by Crossroads Connects staff must provide a signed release form (or a health/release form) before attending. Release forms must be handed to the Crossroads Connects Director upon arrival, together with a list of names of all participants.
  • If the provision of medical personnel is included in the rental agreement, all participants must provide a signed and completed health/release form that should be gathered and handed to the Director upon arrival.
  • The group leader should compile a complete list of names, addresses and emergency contact details of all participants before arrival. If a Crossroads Health/Release Form is not being used, the group leader should also ascertain all known allergies or health conditions requiring treatment, restrictions, or other accommodations required while on site before arrival.
  • Groups must provide a group leader or adult that has a valid first aid/CPR certification from a nationally recognized provider (unless previously arranged with the Director). First-aid and emergency care is the responsibility of the group leader.
  • Crossroads assumes no responsibility for accident, injury or emergency transportation. All incidents and emergencies must be reported to the Crossroads Connects Director as soon as possible and documented (incident report available in information pack).
  • The minimum leadership requirement for youth groups (under 18) is two adults, with a minimum ratio of one adult for every eight students recommended.
  • Crossroads reserves the right to schedule more than one group at a time.
  • First-Aid kits are located throughout the site. All medications that are brought with the group must be kept securely and accessible to the designated medical personnel.
  • The group leader is responsible for supervising the group and its behavior. Groups are responsible for the loss, defacing, breakage etc. of camp buildings and property.
  • Crossroads assumes no responsibility for personal property (lost, stolen or damaged).
  • Program areas (including waterfront) must not be used without the supervision of a qualified Crossroads staff member, or without prior arrangement with the Director. Any special activities organized by the group, including off site trips, are the responsibility of the group leader, but must be approved by the Crossroads Connects Director.
  • All food services will be provided or supervised by Crossroads staff. Supervised use will begin with an orientation of our food service policies and procedures, and a written copy are available in the information pack.
  • At no time are drugs, weapons, fireworks, harmful substances, animals, personal sports/adventure equipment permitted on camp.
  • Alcohol and smoking is not permitted on camp (unless previously arranged with the Crossroads Connects Director and included in rental agreement).
  • All camp procedures and rules can be explained and provided in writing to the group upon arrival (also available in information pack). These include transportation policies, traffic control procedures, safety procedures, emergency procedures, missing person procedures, maintenance procedures, boundaries, behavioral expectations, and potential hazards.