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Camp Wing Accommodations


Courtyard (Total Capacity 79)


Around the Stockade Courtyard there are four rustic cabins with a total sleeping capacity of 77. Doors open directly to the courtyard containing a large fire-pit and providing a great community feel. The courtyard is a great place for an ‘after-party’ and these cabins are perfect for any guests who are likely to be up late. Bathrooms are available via the Stockade courtyard.

• Cabin 1 = 23 beds (17 ground floor & 6 loft)
• Cabin 2 = 11 beds (8 ground floor & 3 loft)
• Cabin 5 = 21 beds (14 ground floor & 7 loft)
• Cabin 6 = 22 beds (14 ground floor & 8 loft)

• “Honeymoon Blockhouse” = 1 Full Size bed, Couch, dresser, basic home comforts!


Stockade external cabins (Total Capacity 30)

Two cabins located outside the Stockade courtyard, available for up to 15 guests each.
• Cabin 7 = 15 beds
• Cabin 8 = 15 beds


Stockade Ellison Center (Total Capacity 75)

This accommodation is fully heated and contains larger bunks than other areas of camp. These cabins are all internally accessible to the Stockade dining room and communal areas.

• Cabin 10 = 6 beds
• Cabin 11 = 15 beds
• Cabin 12 = 10 beds
• Cabin 13 = 7 beds
• Cabin 14 = 16 beds
• Cabin 15 = 13 beds
• Cabin 16 = 8 beds


Camp Wing Villages (Total Capacity 156)

There are two villages located among the trees close to the Dining Hall. Each village is made up of cabins circled around a central fire pit and log seating area. These cabins are a great rustic accommodation option for guests who would like to remain near Bernard Alexander Hall, or for couples/families who would like the privacy of their own cabin. They are typically cooler than the Stockade options with screens instead of windows.

• The ‘Senior’ cabins are all named after local Native American tribes (Pequot, Mic Mac, Wampanoag, Penobscot, Narragansett, and Massachusetts)

• The ‘Junior’ cabins are were all named by our youngest boy campers after mythical or historical places (Sparta, Atlantis, Rome, Olympus, El Dorado, Valhalla, and Camelot)

Duplexes (Total Capacity 8)

The duplexes are some of our least rustic accommodation option for guests. They are often reserved as lodging for either parents, more senior relatives or as a honeymoon suite. Each of the two apartments contain a kitchenette, bathroom, lounge area and two bedrooms. One bedroom contains a full size bed and the other contains two twin beds.


Union House (Total Capacity 14)

The secluded colonial style house is situated across the pond from the Camp Wing playing field with pond and woodland views, and has road access from Union Street. The property includes:

  • 6 bedrooms (sleeping up to 14 people)
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Furnished Living Room, Dining Room, and cozy Den
  • Porch, patio with grill, firepit and spacious yard area
  • Gravel 6 car capacity driveway