Stockade Courtyard (Total Capacity 77)

Around the Stockade Courtyard there are four rustic cabins. Doors open directly to the courtyard containing a large fire-pit and providing a great community feel. Bathrooms are available via the Stockade courtyard and there is quick access to all-weather facilitation spaces inside.

Stockade External Cabins (Total Capacity 30)

Two cabins located outside the Stockade courtyard and available for up to 15 campers each in bunk beds.

Stockade Ellison Center (Total Capacity 73)

This accommodation is fully heated and contains larger bunks than other areas of camp. These cabins are all internally accessible to the Stockade bathrooms and communal areas.

Camp Wing Villages (Total Capacity 180)

There are two villages located at Camp Wing. Each village is made up of cabins circled around a central fire pit and log seating area and each has access to its own bathroom. These cabins are a great rustic accommodation option for any age group. Each cabin contains 6 bunks.

Duplexes (Total Capacity 8)

These two apartments are set in a wooded area behind the Camp Wing Cabins. The duplexes are used by faculty members who are looking to stay on site but not directly supervising youth in their cabins. Each individual apartment contains a small kitchenette, bathroom, lounge area, and two bedrooms. One bedroom contains a full-sized bed and the other contains two twin beds.