School Retreat Activities

Crossroads Connects offers a comprehensive catalog of both day and evening activities to choose from when planning your retreat. Our staff is specially trained to work with you to create the ultimate experience with the specific purpose of helping you reach your unique goals.

Day Activities

Our certified Camp Archery instructors enjoy teaching first-time archers and modern-day Robin Hoods alike. The archery range includes four lanes, and equipment includes a variety of bow sizes for all.

The docks at Keene Pond waterfront provide access to our canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, row boats, and giant 14-person dragon canoes. Students learn skills through working together in paddling and watercraft control, in addition to water safety, as they cruise on the beautiful pond.

Challenge Course
Using the experiential model of education, the challenge course promotes personal and group development through mental and physical problem-solving exercises. Each challenge is a tool for learning by doing, processing experiences, and creating team cohesion through cooperation and fun.

Climbing Wall
Students have the opportunity to climb to the top of our 30-foot wall. Students are given a safety orientation, roped into a climbing harness, and belayed by a Crossroads Connects certified instructor. Using the climbing wall is a great way for students to build their self-esteem, as well as boost each other as they encourage others to reach their goals.

Cooperative Olympics
Program groups travel to various stations to compete in events that stress support, cooperation, and team spirit.

Creative Arts
Our art and craft building is available for a variety of creative projects. Whether you bring your own resources or arrange an all-inclusive activity, such as mural painting, the Crossroads Connects Directors are happy to assist in making your ideas come to life.

Dice Relay
Each number on a die represents a piece of equipment like a chair, a ball, or a broom. Six members of each team roll a die to receive a piece of equipment. The team must then use the objects and their team members to get from one end of a room to another without touching the floor. If the group touches the floor, the group has to start all over again.

Egg Zip/Drop
Using a combination of teamwork and science, students work in groups of four and are challenged to build a capsule to protect an egg using straws, tape, and cardboard. Each capsule is sent from the top of the 30-foot climbing wall down a zip line pulley to a target on the ground. The challenge is for each group to build a capsule that will save the egg from exploding on impact.

Journal Writing/Drawing/Reflection
These programs allow students to have time to appreciate nature, themselves, and others in their own ways. After hiking through the woods or partaking in their daily activities, students have the opportunity to express their thoughts about nature and their experience through drawing, writing, or painting. This program is a great way for participants to have a little down-time to reflect during a fun and active camp experience.

Miguel’s Puzzle
Working together as a group, participants must find a staff member and ask for a certain piece of a puzzle. In order to receive a piece, the students must do a team builder, sing a song, or perform a dance. There are six pieces to each group’s puzzle. The first group to collect all their pieces wins.

Sports and Games
The Spread Field is a spacious area containing three baseball diamonds, a soccer pitch, two full-sized basketball courts, and plenty of recreational space for a variety of outdoor sports including frisbee and football. We also have a sand volleyball court on site.

Our two outdoor pools are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day (weather permitting) for swimming laps or fun and games. Crossroads Connects Lifeguards are required to supervise at all times when groups are in the pool areas.

Survival Skills
There are many skills to learn using our many acres of land as the classroom. Choose from options including fire building, shelter creation, first aid, basic knot tying, leave-no-trace philosophy, understanding weather patterns, or making a gift out of nature for another.

Total Team
Students love this active team-building adventure program. Students start out with basic challenges on our spread field and progress to more difficult ones. All activities are designed to facilitate cooperation, communication, and leadership skills.

Raft Challenge
Participants are given the challenge of building a raft out of materials they find around camp, excluding boats and anything within buildings. They must then get at least three group members on the raft. Those members must then try to paddle the raft across the lake and back, keeping at least three members aboard and the raft intact.

Rocket Ship
This is a communication activity that uses all group members to build a rocketship. Groups try to build a replica of the original out of candy and sticks or Legos. However, only one participant can see it (the architect); only one can hear what they see (the engineer); and the builders must do their best to build the replica. This is a great exercise in understanding the strength and need for good team communication.

Scavenger Hunt
Using clues around camp, groups get familiar with our landmarks and orient themselves to our site using this fun and interactive method.

Wacky Relays
Teams race against each other in various wacky ways. Each member takes a turn completing the relay; the winners are based on the first to finish in a straight and quiet line. Depending on the number of teams, the activity can be run in a tournament format.

Evening Activities

An after-dinner or evening activity can be planned for your group. These activities are designed to include all members of the retreat participating together. All chaperones are expected to be present and help with group management during these programs.

Camp is not the same without a campfire filled with upbeat ‘repeat after me’ songs, stories, and skits. We often finish the campfire with our traditional ‘Rain Storm’ activity while enjoying s’mores.

Camp Dance
We have a great sound system that can crank up the music so your group can get into the groove. Dancing is a great excuse to dress up and have a good time.

Dutch Auction
Cabin groups bring random objects from their cabins and then work together to complete tasks, perform songs, imitate personalities, etc. Focus is on teamwork, creativity, and enthusiasm. Teachers, chaperones, or Crossroads Connects staff can be used as guest judges.

Group Encore
A singing competition where the last group singing wins. Groups strategize against each other about who knows the most songs containing a particular word (e. g. baby, summer, friend, nighttime). The groups take turns singing their lists, and the group that still has songs to sing wins. This program is a great team builder that guarantees of lots of laughter.

Karaoke Night
We have a karaoke machine with amplifier that is sure to make a fun night of lip sync competition and entertainment. Look out for the next American Idol!

Night Canoe
Groups of 30 or more get into a variety of different boats and paddle out to the center of the pond. They must stay as quiet as possible to listen to the night sounds. At the conclusion of the silence, each person takes a turn sharing their thoughts, expectations, or favorite part of camp. It is not every day that you get to stop and think while floating on a lake looking up at the stars.

Night Hike
This program is designed to help students feel comfortable in the outside world during the night. Our staff will guide groups around Keene pond nature trail. The groups finish with twenty minutes of stargazing on the spread field and learn about constellations.

Talent Show
Students prepare skits throughout their stay and present them on the final night of retreat. Themes can be varied or based upon their group experience.