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The Crossroads experience begins with the first summer at camp where kids let their walls down, develop trusting relationships, learn coping and communication skills, and find the sense of belonging and stability that is the foundation of our program. After one summer at camp, youth transition into our 10 year, school year program focused on leadership, social awareness, college/career and community action.
At Crossroads we give kids:

  • A safe, joyful experience each summer for 10 years of their life.
  • The chance to push themselves to new limits through multiple wilderness adventures culminating in a 9-day wilderness trek.
  • The opportunity to discover that college CAN be an option on a week-long college tour around New England.
  • A life-changing Community Service Road Trip to give back to a community outside of Massachusetts.
  • A one-on-one mentor who checks in with them regularly during the school year and helps them stay on track.
  • A nationally developed leadership curriculum designed with their unique needs in mind.
  • A second family who is there for them at every turn in their lives.