School Year Experience

During your school-year in C5, you will meet up at Camp Wing and in the community for activities that focus on learning about community service and career exploration. You will also continue to build bonds with your classmates that will last throughout all of C5 and beyond. We will also host two family days during your Flint school year.

Summer Experience

Transitioning from Flint to Lantern
After Flint year, you will head back to Camp Lapham to spend four weeks at camp.You will continue to participate in all of the great camp activities that you did when you were a Flint, but will be challenged even more as you put on a full theater production in just 24 hours!  During this summer, you will also improve and expand your outdoor skills as you trek for 5 days with fellow teens and staff in Maine.  Throughout your summer experience, you should be keeping in mind that all of the skills you are building will be very important during Hammer summer when you take on the Rexam Leadership Challenge in Wyoming.
Directions to Camp Lapham

Contact Information

Questions about C5 or Flint year? You can email Demitri Curry at or call him at 617-765-7393.

Calendar of Events

Thanks for another awesome year! Check back here for the schedule of events for the 2015-2016 school year.