School Year Experience

As a Hammer, you will start off the school year with a college visit to learn more about how to present yourselves when speaking with admissions representatives.  Your other events this year will focus on career exploration and planning the Crossroads C5 New England College Tour

The Crossroads Apprentice Program

Once in the tenth grade, you are eligible to apply for the Apprentice Program.  This program continues to help you with your career development skills and gives you the opportunity to spend three weeks at camp working with younger Crossroads for Kids participants (in addition to going on the Crossroads C5 New England College Tour).

Summer Experience

Transitioning from Hammer to Compass

After conquering the back country of Wyoming and Utah, your focus will begin to shift to college and  your plans after high school graduation, because guess what, it’s coming!  This summer you will go on the Crossroads C5 New England Road to College Tour, where you and your class will board a comfy charter bus (yes, the kind with a bathroom!) and spend  one week  visiting colleges all around New England. Though you probably do not know exactly what you want to study once you get to college, it is important to see the wide variety of colleges and universities that are available to you.

Contact Information

Questions about C5 or Hammer year? You can email Moira Cormier at or call her at 617-765-7401.

Calendar of Events

Thanks for another awesome year! Check back here for the schedule of events for the 2015-2016 school year.