School Year Experience

Lantern year is spent fine-tuning the skills that you will need to be successful in the Rexam Leadership Challenge this summer. You will participate in a career exploration workshop, develop your mentoring skills while working with the Flints and go on a practice hike to gear up for your summer experience. As a Lantern, you can start to attend Optional Teen Weekends at Camp Wing. These are weekends where you can come down to Camp for a weekend and reconnect with fellow teens and staff.

Summer Experience

Transistioning from Lantern to Hammer Ready, set, trek! It is time for you to go on the adventure of your life (well, you may have a few major adventures over the next few years!), the Rexam Leadership Challenge.

Learn more on the official Rexam Leadership Challenge page.

Contact Information

Questions about C5 or Lantern year? You can email Emily Merino at or call her at 617-766-5202.

Calendar of Events

Thanks for another awesome year! Check back here for the schedule of events for the 2015-2016 school year.