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C5 Leaders Summer 2020 Plans

We are very sorry to share the news that we will not be able to offer in-person C5 Leaders programming this summer. This has been an incredibly difficult decision, primarily focused on the health and safety of your children. Overnight camps were recently classified by the state as being cleared to open during Phase 3, but the MA Department of Public Health (DPH) has not yet published regulations. However, the emerging guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Camp Association (ACA) pertaining to social distancing, use of common space, meal preparation, sleeping accommodations, bus transportation, hygiene and sanitation, and required PPE/safety equipment, presents prohibitive obstacles to the implementation of our programs.

Another consideration is whether we could actually provide the C5 Leaders summer experience that your children deserve and upon which Crossroads prides itself. Quite simply, the camp activities and adventures that your children love during Flint and Lantern years—dancing together in the dining hall, lazily paddling canoes, collaborating on creative projects, team sports—cannot be meaningfully experienced wearing masks from a distance of six feet. In addition, our partners with the National Outdoor Leadership School (Hammer Trek), campuses on the College Tour (Compass Road to College), and Stonehill College (Medallion ACt Now Summit) have suspended in person programs.

Ultimately, out of deep respect and concern for all members of our community, we cannot compromise the safety of our campers or staff—nor take chances on others’ health in the homes and neighborhoods where they return. The reality is that the known risks loom large, and the unknown risks even larger.

As a mission-based organization, we take very seriously our responsibility to others and to the larger society. We know that many families are seeking high quality experiences for their children in the face of prolonged restrictions and limited options. To address these needs, we will be providing mandatory C5 Leader summer programs for all classes. Our staff—well-known and beloved to program participants—will offer three hours of program blocks Monday – Friday, via an online platform. Specific dates were provided via email communication to each family, additional information is contained in the FAQ’s below, and our Engagement Coordinators will be following up during the month of June. There will be no charge for this programming and we will be refunding any fees you have paid for Summer 2020 in full.

Thank you for understanding the difficult decision to pivot to “Virtual C5” this summer. We know that you count on us to play an important role in your children’s lives, and we will work diligently to provide them with joyful, fun, friend-filled learning experiences this summer. It may look and feel different, but we know that we can keep the magic alive until better days arrive.

C5 Leaders Summer 2020 FAQ’s

Will there be C5 Leaders programming this summer?
There will be no in-person C5 Leaders programs this summer. We are instead providing mandatory, online sessions for all participants. Just as we have done this spring, programming will focus on leadership development, social action, college and career exploration, and the building of intentional community.

Why are you cancelling?
The health and safety of your children and our staff are our top priority. Based on the guidance we have received from the CDC and American Camp Association, we have determined that it is simply not possible to meet all of the directives required for safe operation during the pandemic.

What are the health and safety concerns?
In order to reduce the likelihood of infection and spread of COVID-19 within and beyond camps, the CDC has issued strict regulations pertaining to social distancing, use of common space, meal preparation, sleeping accommodations, bus transportation, hygiene and sanitation, and required PPE/safety equipment. There are also significant concerns about attending to specific, pre-existing health issues that some children may present.

What are the dates and times for the online C5 Leaders sessions?

Flints, C5 Class of 2025: July 6 – July 17 (Mon-Fri); 1pm – 4pm

Lanterns, C5 Class of 2024: July 20 – July 31 (Mon-Fri); 1pm – 4-pm

Hammers, C5 Class of 2023: August 3 – August 7 (Mon-Fri); 1pm – 4pm

Compasses, C5 Class of 2022: August 10 – August 14 (Mon-Fri); 10am – 1pm

Medallions, C5 Class of 2021: August 10 – August 14 (Mon-Fri); 2pm – 5pm

How do I register for the C5 Leaders online summer programs?
Current C5 Leaders that are already registered are automatically enrolled in their virtual summer program.

If your child has not yet been enrolled, please click below to access/setup your account and enroll:
Click to login to your account
Click to setup an account
Once logged in, select Camper Application, select ‘2020 Season’ and select the session(s) that you would like to enroll in. Please complete the full Application and click submit. There is also a permission form in the ‘Forms & Documents’ section that you will need to complete.

If your child is in 7th grade and you have any questions, please contact Director Lisa Bower at lisa@crossroadsma.org.

Is there a fee for the C5 Leaders online summer programs?
There is no fee required, all programming will be provided free of charge.

Will I be refunded for summer program fees paid to date?
Crossroads will fully refund all 2020 payments to date. If you wish to roll over your balance from 2020 into 2021, please login to your CampInTouch account, click ‘Forms & Documents’ and complete the ‘Summer 2020 Balance Carry Over’ form before June 5. Crossroads will process all refunds between June 5 and June 30.

List of Contacts
Flints, C5 Class of 2025: Lisa Bower at lisa@crossroadsma.org

Lanterns, C5 Class of 2024: Wilson Mak at wilson@crossroadsma.org

Hammers, C5 Class of 2023: Mercedes Aponte at mercedes@crossroadsma.org

Compasses, C5 Class of 2022: Kermelle Billy at kermelle@crossroadsma.org

Medallions, C5 Class of 2021: Eric Johnson at ericj@crossroadsma.org or Jaymie Silverman at jaymie@crossroadsma.org

Crossroads C5 Leaders is a five-year summer and school-year program that helps teen leaders develop their leadership style and expand their academic, career, and civic horizons. With the stable and encouraging environment of C5 Leaders, teens grow both socially, emotionally, and become part of an uplifting community. This community often becomes a second home and dependable resource for our teens; a place to simply be themselves.

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