We represent ourselves and our community well.

  • We demonstrate responsible behavior and make decisions for the good of ourselves and our community.
  • We actively participate during programs, working to develop and practice our leadership skills.
  • We perform community service, and are active in efforts to make our community a better place.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

  • We challenge ourselves to grow and learn new skills, and be our very best.
  • We make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • We set a positive example for others through our words and actions.

We show respect for everyone in our community.

  • We show respect for others’ views, values, and culture through our words and actions.
  • We resolve conflicts by working through our differences in a safe way.
  • We work to build safe and healthy relationships with each other.

We build the future we wish to see.

  • We make decisions and choices today that lead to the opportunities we want in the future.
  • We do our part to protect the natural environment.
  • We perform service that improves our community.
  • We make our best efforts to do well in school, graduate, and pursue a college education or meaningful
  • employment.