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Eric “Rick” Trethewey (1943-2014) was the author of five collections of poetry, numerous essays, short stories, and screenplays.  Rick was also once the lead singer of a band, a songwriter, guitarist, reporter, longshoreman, and Louisiana Golden Gloves boxer.  He was a professor at Hollins University for thirty years, and he taught poetry and creative writing to inmates in the Roanoke jails.  His poetry is punctuated with moments of grace, usually found in the natural world, that deliver the poet from the poverty and violence of his youth in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Rick’s written word and personal life both reflect a lifetime commitment to social justice. The Rick Trethewey Scholarship celebrates resilience, and recognizes the ability of poetry and literature to help us transcend hardship.
Your donation will fund a book scholarship for a C5 Class of 2018 student to be awarded at their graduation ceremony.

To Apply:
C5 New England high school seniors who wish to apply for this scholarship should fill out this short form and write 250 words about a song, book, or piece of writing that helped them to deal with a difficult time. As Rick would say, “Speak.” We aren’t looking for vague descriptions. We are looking for raw truth, well-crafted. All submissions will be voted on anonymously.