As a young girl, spending every summer at camp in Wisconsin was a highlight of Mary Renner’s childhood. Having recently been elected the Chair of Crossroads’ Board of Trustees, the lessons and experiences of her time at summer camp play a more prominent role in her adult life now more than ever.  We are thrilled that Mary’s journey has led her to take on this vitally important work in our organization.

Andy Macomber, a trustee and longtime Crossroads supporter introduced Mary to Crossroads in 1994.  Andy and her husband, George, invited Mary to attend the Fall Harvest Moon Benefit event at Camp Wing. During this time, Mary and her family were still relatively new to the Boston area and were eager to find ways to be more involved and engaged in life in and around the city. Similar to countless other stories of someone’s first time stepping foot onto one of our camps, the “magic of Crossroads” was both overwhelming and empowering for Mary.

“From the moment we arrived in Duxbury at Camp Wing, I just had this good feeling inside. I was immediately taken back to my time at camp in Wisconsin and how the values I learned then impacted me and continue to play such a profound role in my life today. Shortly after that visit, I became a Crossroads Trustee.”

In the years since her first time at Camp Wing, the “magic of Crossroads” has yet to wear off. When asked what she finds most inspiring about Crossroads’ youth and our mission to empower them to unlock their potential and positively impact the world, Mary says, “It never ceases to amaze me how profoundly Crossroads is able to influence so many young lives. I am impressed by the wide range of skills and programs we offer, but perhaps more importantly, I am particularly proud of the experiences we offer to help young people identify their passions, their true potential, and their true selves. All of our participants are nothing short of extraordinary!”

Humbled and deeply honored, Mary succeeds Kevin Phelan, who helped guide Crossroads to reach unprecedented heights during his tenure. The strong support shown by the entire Crossroads Family of campers, staff, donors, and fellow trustees is what allowed Mary to confidently step into the board chair role.

One of Mary’s top priorities as chair is to have as many people as possible experience the “magic of Crossroads” for themselves. Crossroads holds many different events throughout the year, including the Urban Campfire and C5 New England Golf Classic, and those are great ways to get involved with Crossroads, learn more about what we do, and of course meet our amazing youth ambassadors.

You could also follow Mary’s lead and do what she looks forward to most each summer: visit camp! “For me, nothing is better than visits to our three sites each summer,” Mary says. “It gives me an opportunity to connect with our young people on a more personal level and feel like I’m back at camp as a young girl again myself. My dancing will always be terrible, but I will never miss an opportunity to join in the Dining Hall fun at Camp Wing. Restaurant Wars is a favorite activity at Camp Lapham, and just being at Camp Mitton in general always leaves me feeling so rejuvenated and inspired.”

We are so excited to welcome Mary Renner as Crossroads’ new board chair and are thrilled to work closely with her and the trustees to elevate Crossroads to the next level.